Cracking Twitter for Sourcing / #Part 2

Hi All,

As you now know, I do think that twitter is super under rated as a sourcing tool and mainly because the embedded advanced search is fairly crap. Of course you can search for bios via followerwonk but who puts enough information in their twitter bio to be able to properly identify the right people?

For me, on the the tricks is that even people who don’t tweet very often do so when they are at a conference and if you’re not there yourself, it’s great to be able to identify people that way.

Let’s dig into Twitter and use sourcing magic to uncover information!


For this example, I thought that it could be fun to record what happened at #truDublin (for those of you who don’t know the tru events, they are so cool, you should check them and yes I’m saying this because I’m involved in organizing #truGeneva and #truParis lol).

Of course you can search a hashtag directly but are you going to go through the endless list of tweets? (205 there)

#truDublin happened end of Jan 2017 with great sourcing people and if you ever wanted to identify the trendsetters in the sourcing world (let’s say you want to hire them), let’s use IFTTT.

For those of you who don’t know it means “If This Then That” and it’s particularly going to be in use for the IoT world but so many recipes (now called applets) are available.


For example:

“If my fitbit see that I’m awake Then turn on my connected Coffeemaker” or “If the weather forecast on the web says it’s going to rain Then automatically disconnect my connected garden watering system”






Today, we are going to use 2 Applets:

“When a specific hashtag is used on twitter add the Tweet to a Google Spreadsheet” this pretty much records Twitter for a specific hashtag/word

and “Add New Followers To Google Sheets”

Of course, you need a gmail account or at least a google drive but that’s easy.

The day before #truDublin I turn it on and I’m giving you here the results.


download here


From here, it’s only basic Excel manipulation.

Usually people who retweet are interested about the subject and people who tweet are onsite, this is not a 100% of course (especially not for #tru with a strong community but I did it on IT conferences and it was pretty interesting)

Play with it, take off the retweets, delete duplicates and you get a list of usernames

@_stu_ @1ntelligence @8LEGS @agatavoy @andrewjobbio @andyheadworth @BiancaEder @BillBoorman @BillyMcDiarmid @brandalisms @brightshinyobje @CameronFirefish @ckhrview @clinch @cmoneirl @colinjdunn @dmcelticcareers @ei_TMSolutions @FelixWetzel @firefishnow @gerrypnolan @HudsonStephen84 @IrishRecruiter @ivanhapac @jackyeclayton @james147 @JBD_Alexander @jeremyrusson @jiri_herodek @KatrinaKibben @kenji_cpl @kmborowicz @Lars @ltienkamp @MrMartinLee @openingdublin @RecruitBern @RecruitingBlogs @resourcefuljohn @ResourcefulUK @samanthaMPG1 @SilvijaDel @SocialTalent @stephenodonn @TheBalazs @ThePanelDublin @trisrevill @Van_Raath

For those of you involved in the European sourcing community, you should see quite a lot of valuable twitter handles there in a glintch 😉

Once you have the list, you want to know who they are, you go to

There you can just see (by batch of 50 for free accounts) who are the people, where they are based, bio, latest tweets etc


You can follow who you want directly from there from any account of your choice.

Whoever follows you back, you will see it in the other spreadsheet of your new followers saved to your drive with the second Applet (and because you set up a free twitter card  they can engage with you and you with them easily)

Whoever followed you back, you can engage via Twitter in DM, if they don’t, just compare the 2 spreadsheets.

Then, you could be done but you can go a step further… visit the Twitter profiles you like and use this good old Prophet to go their Linkedin or Lusha to get their contact details!

Let’s take an example…

I easily spotted Stuart because he tweeted #truDublin.

Stuart has no bio on twitter (bye bye followerwonk)

Prophet gives me all relevant social media info (I know where you’re going, he had his linkedin straight in his profile, this is an example folks, let’s pretend! )


His linkedin is pretty “empty” so I would probably have had a hard time finding him there (I didn’t put “on the beach” as a title search in my boolean, silly me lol)


But this kind of makes me think Twitter could be a good source, don’t you think?


On Twitter, I like thinking “where are physically” the people, what are they tweet about? For me conferences are the best so there is a sense of location usually. (not a Worldwide search)


Here is a  one-slide summary of the process, easy no?



THE END…(almost)




If you have read all the way down to here, first of all, I love you and thank you very very much and to show my appreciation, a GIFT! This is another pretty cool applet.


This won’t save it to a spreadsheet you’ll get an email a day with the tweets. Let’s say someone enabled the location on twitter, it’s actually pretty accurate and there you can record to a VERY specific area thanks to a google map. Maybe some of you could be interested in recording all the tweets (no matter what they are talking about) happening in the building of your beloved competitor who has a team of people you would really love to get in touch with 😉

I just did it last night briefly on the Twitter HP in San Francisco and I like the fact that you find tweets not mentioning twitter, people, or anything, they were just geolocated, so cool!

Apparently the view is nice and the Chinese New Year Buffet was good 😉 ( coming out from 2 software devs, 1 VP Product and a data scientist). Once again, no real retrievable infos on the tweets, just a geolocation


I even spotted this weird “test account” that seems to tweet A LOT out of the  TW headquarters, probably an intrigued engineer would respond 😉


That’s all folks! Hope you liked it! Let me know what you think 😉






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